Turkey Bacon - Smoked Beef Sausage - Grilled & Fried Chicken


Hand-cut potatoes fried then layered with eggs of your choice, grilled peppers and onions and bacon, sausage or chicken on top

Plan B

Warm savory, breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs and melted cheese, stuffed between two fluffy waffles

Still Clucked Up

Golden, double battered fried chicken breast with thick-cut bacon, a fried egg covered with cheese on a sweet roll

Walk of Shame

Crispy boneless chicken and four miniature Belgian waffles drizzled with warm maple syrup

The Callout

Crumbled sausage and bacon on top of scrambled cheese eggs with grilled peppers and onions resting on three toasted Hawaiian rolls


Chicken, sausage, or bacon with scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, peppers, and onions rolled inside a grilled flour tortilla


Rise n’ Shine

Fried potatoes layered with cheese, bacon, green peppers, onions, and sour cream

Orange Juice   Lemonade     Sweet Tea     Coffee

Still Cluck Up - Walk of Shame - Hangover